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  Bamboo fiber is made with basic ingredients of choice bamboo, processed with high technology by taking a fiber found in the bamboo that is mixed with other ingredients, forming new fibers. Products that can use bamboo fiber as a raw material include clothing, towels, bed textile products, underwear, household textile products, t-shirts and other textile products.

This product has the advantage of helping you to maintain your health, gentle to your skin, along with improving your living standards, these fibers also have changed the level of competition in related industries. Because the bamboo has the ability to produce anion and the natural anti bacterial growth is not required in the process of chemical pesticides, and also in the process of its formation using high technology does not require the addition of other chemicals.

Besides having the function of anti-bacterial, anti odor and anti infra red, bamboo fiber also has advantages in terms of circulation of air, water absorption capacity, more powerful, easy to color, and also other advantages. These fibers are also labeled as "eco-textile material that can breathe", "queen of textiles". By the experts, bamboo fiber is referred to as "textile material which has the brightest prospects of development in the 21st century". Also called the fifth revolution of the textile industry after cotton, wool, silk and linen.
  Bamboo fiber is made with basic ingredients of choice bamboo, processed with high technology      
  Main Function          
  By using the basic ingredients of natural bamboo, bamboo fiber has seven advantages that can not be replaced by other traditional fibers.
Anti-bacterial and kills germs
has high absorption and can eliminate the odor.
Remove moisture.
Easily washed & Super anti-UV, compared with ordinary towels.

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